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Book Description
Publication Date: 2012
The Cross, The Altar of Jesus Christ Our Lord is a modern day Christian art book. This book is 60 pages, and has 48 images of published artwork by the author and artist Michelle K. Lawrence. The artwork show's that when the altar of Christ is tilted 33.33 degrees, it forms a perfect diamond, and also reveals to the observer how the trinity is present in the altar of Christ itself. These pictures of Christian art are faith inducing, eye-catching, but most importantly show the oneness of God. These captivating images throughout the book The Cross, The Altar of Jesus Our Lord, are a refreshing, and a present day twist on the cross itself. 
  The author and artist, Michelle K. Lawrence, was born in Nashville, Tennessee on July 4, 1971. She currently lives in a smaller city southeast of Nashville.
  She married a southern lawyer from that smaller city southeast of her birthplace. It was a first marriage for both of them. She has two children.
She was born Jewish and converted as a child to Christianity.
  Her grandmother, Helene Shiver, survived Dachau, the concentration camp in Nazi Germany during WW ll.
  Michelle was raised with a combination of both religions and very happily concluded that Jesus Christ is the long awaited Jewish Messiah foretold in the book of Isaiah. She has accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord, Savior, and Personal Redeemer. She has embraced His sacrifice on the cross at Calvary for the atonement of all her sins and transgressions. She has asked and received a new pure heart in Christ Jesus.
   She teaches her children all about both religions, Christianity and Judaism, so they can learn how both religions complete one another.
  She invites the world to meet our Lord's forgiveness of all sins through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Cross, The Altar of Jesus Christ Our Lord was inspired by a dream she had while going to college in Alabama where she saw an image that she would later realize was the cross, the altar of Christ, her King of all the universe.
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